Organizing My Days

It is important to keep our day balanced and productive. Balanced means you spend good portion of time in doing your serious learning as well as to have fun! Productive means you can manage your time well and finish doing the task you should do. Here are some tips to get yourself organized:
1. Create time table and manage your every hour!
2. Put Home Learning, Hobbies & Fun, Exercise as well as Spiritual Feed Time throughout a day.
3. Time yourself up according to the schedule you make.
4. Place a “check” if you do it and “cross” if you don’t to evaluate yourself!
5. Make another time table and plan better tomorrow.

Use the template below to organize your day!

How Am I Doing?

Measure and monitor how you are doing everyday  is necessary to improve yourself. 
It is fun to know how much you have accomplished! When you set the goals, and finally make them happen, it gives you sense of accomplishment and joy. Use the available charts below to know how well you are achieving your goals!  Print it out and use it to measure how you are doing. Have fun! 

Make the most of my day
Simple steps to make the most of my day!
What can you do to improve your learning?
So what can you do to improve your learning?

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