Gracie, The Goal Getter

The school has been started for almost a month now, and I hope that you are as excited as I am to keep on doing the best, so we can be a better learner and person!

Do you remember the character that we have learned in the past? The “GET UP and GO” reminded us that to be a better learner first thing that we need to do is to GET UP = not delaying and take the commitment to start working, and GO = start doing the work immediately

Get Up and Go

The second character that we are going to learn today is Gracie the Goal-Getter. Gracie the Goal-Getter has a clear goal, to climb to the top of that mountain! However, if you look closely, you will see many smaller goals along the way that Gracie must meet in order to attain her big goal. Achieving a goal takes time, and there are many steps along the way, but like Gracie the Goal-Getter, you must never give up! Those big goals are attainable if we chunk them into smaller goals. By making the goals, our behaviors are more directed and we know whether we are going closer to or farther away from our goals.

Gracie the Goal-Getter

The example of how Gracie the Goal-Getter making her goal in writing:

  1. Find the idea to write!
  2. Choose a Title
  3. Decide 4 main topics she’s going to develop into a paragraph
  4. Write 2 first paragraphs
  5. Write another 2 last paragraph
  6. Check if she has written them with proper capital letters and not forgetting her full-stops.
  7. Check one more time!
  8. Submit to teachers.

Remember the Get Up and Go and Gracie, the Goal-Getter when you do your work! Remember to never give up like Gracie and finish up until your last goal.


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