Get Up and Go!

Happy New Year everyone! May the new year bring new hopes and aspirations to do the best that we can, for the glory of our God Jesus Christ!


To kick off the new year, let’s learn about the new character: Get Up & Go. Get Up & Go are twins, twin arrows to be exact. They are very driven to do their best. They work together to always do their best in finishing the task they face. Get Up has the confidence to embrace the task. He is excited and has bright energy. He looks to the task excitedly and finds ONE first thing to start to do it. You know what? Getting started is often half the battle already to finish the task. Go is a “never give up” character. It doesn’t stop when facing challenges and difficulties. Go finds ways and help to finish the task. Let’s start over this year by finishing the tasks this year going to bring about. Let’s use a little help from the Get Up & Go dream team! Remember to have confident and never giving up!

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