Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

Corona Virus?

What do we need to know about it?

​Hi students! It can be scary to hear about a disease outbreak. However, learning some facts about it can help ease our minds. Download the pdf file, print and discuss it with your mom and dad.

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

I'm Stressed!

​Do you ever feel stress? Stress happens when we are worried or upset about something. You may feel annoyed, frustrated, guilty or scared. They are normal feelings! Everybody feels stressful time to time.

This worry in your mind can affect how your body feels. It feels not good. Sometimes, you feel sick in your stomach or have terrible headache. Sometimes your face, ears and chest are hot and you feel like clenching your fist. At times you may have trouble sleeping and even have nightmares. You may also feel cranky and have trouble paying attention and remembering things in class.

Once you recognize that you’re feeling stressed, there are several things you can do.
1. You can try talking about what’s bothering you with a friend or an adult you trust, like parents or teachers. Keeping your feelings inside without trying to express them is not helpful at all.
​ So, start to talk it out.

2. Have fun with what you love to do is another way to ease your stress. Playing the music you like, play with your good friends or do some of your hobbies are ways to release your stress.

3. Boost up positivity! Tell yourselves the words of positivity, such as: “It is okay to make mistakes”; “It is fine to be imperfect”

4. Get your body moves! Do you know that being active physically by exercising is promoting good feelings? Do the exercise you like like walking your dog, swimming, biking, jumping on trampoline, etc.

5. Relax your mind! Some people love to hear relaxing music, some like to imagine relaxing scenes like beach, waterfall or white clouds. 

Learn to face your fears and worries! Don’t run away from it, but learn to handle it well.


Making Creative & Effective Stress Relievers

1. Sensory/ Calm Down Bottles

It is any sealable container filled with a base like water and    glitter or glue with different/ colorful objects. It helps us to relax and soothe ourselves by focusing on the motion happening inside the calm down bottle. It is also an effective and easy way to help us focus on deep breaths and relaxing after melt downs or upsetting events. Sensory bottles are easily customizable making them fun to make! You can use beads, pom poms, or any other objects that keep you interested. 

2. Weighted Sensory Lap 

Weighted materials are found to be beneficial for sensory regulation. The deep touch pressure provides the sensory input that are needed for our whole body, the same way as firm hugs, cuddling, squeezing or compression. It has calming and relaxing effect, both for children and adults. Using weighted sensory lap pad can help us to stay calm and focused which leads to better classroom performance. 

Check out how to make them at home!

Make sure you get your parents help to make those items. 

Sensory Bottles
Weighted blanket

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